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Success stories Thank you for helping me! Rita Jefferson. Your predictions are unbelievably accurate!

The Astrology of PSYCHIC ABILITIES! Visions, Auras, Lucid Dreaming & More!— with Heather & Amy!

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Jina Green. Chinese Zodiac People tend to think that Chinese Zodiac differs a lot from those twelve signs we are used to, but actually they have something in common. How Orieen Works Orieen offers a wide range of spiritual consultants to choose from. Read more Join as Advisor If you are qualified Expert, Join Orieen to serve wide range customers around the world and get paid for your service. Subscribe Subscribe Orieen now! New Customer? Start Here Forgot Password.

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Close Close. Accept Reject. Learning ancient wisdom held by the land and its people, which has been passed down for many generations, has been the cornerstone of her work. Review

She works in areas that are nonphysical such as the thoughts, the emotions as well as the astral and vibrational dimensions. She is a practicing Spiritual Teacher. Instead of reading your chart, feel it!


Visual poetry I paint individual astrologic mandalas--watercolor painting, based on your horoscope, depicting your own unique energetic expression that are. My approach in Transformational Astrology is based on theses.

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My Astrology readings bring intuitive clarity. I work with the energies of the chart as the chart comes to life during the reading. It "speaks" to me, giving the client valuable insights. Astrology Readings. Do you want to understand your cosmic blue- print and how you relate to your world? Do you need clarity of timing on current and future decisions?

Let me show you what I intuitively see in your chart to help you master your life. I has been practicing astrology since Full Readings and Speciality Readings available.

Reading can be in-person, by phone or skype. Do you have an interest in astrology but find web courses and study guides too confusing or expensive? Learn Astrology: A Grounded Approach. Here is an opportunity to learn to read astrology charts that is experiential, comprehensive and fun! Intuitive Painting.

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  8. I offer my artistic and intuitive talents to paint individual astrologic mandalas--watercolor painting, based on your horoscope, depicting your own unique energetic expression that are meant to inspire. This creative dance brings epiphanies where I witness an action of watercolor moving through me and onto the paper. As part of her own journey, I share my knowledge as an intuitive and spiritual healer with all of those who wish to elevate conscious awareness, as well as seek to fulfill their personal destiny at this time of powerful change on the planet.

    I give valuable insight into self understanding and healing. My connection to my ancestors comes strongly through my Jicarilla Apache and Navajo heritage during the Seasonal Indigenous Ceremonies. I also share my animal medicine and true wildlife encounter stores. Are you lost and wonder where your life is going?

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    Life has cycles. Order a Solar Return astrology chart and find out where you are-- and where you are going in the 12 months since your last birthday. Visit and join my University of Astrology. Let me mentor you about astrology through my unique download video conversations - Jacqueline Stallone's Universe of Astrology. Download the first one for free! Click Here to Visit.

    Guiding you in the evolution of your soul.

    Use the navigation icons at the top of the page to check out all the astrological tools I offer in my Web site. I'm much more than someone who has been around the block many times. I have seen and done damm near it all, or tried to! I have been a circus aerialist, a Broadway show girl, a Radio City Music Hall "Rockette", a beautician, author, host of my own sports show featuring my fabulous wrestlers, "The Glow Girls" and my boxers, "Stallones' Knockouts".