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Chart viewing

Chart Types. Searches — Upgraded. Maps — Upgraded. User Preferences — Upgraded. Time Tables Ephemeris. Graphic Ephemeris.

Karmic Synastry Calculator

System Requirements. NEW — Tutorials. Cosmobiology Cosmobiology is a new approach to astrology developed by Reinhold Ebertin. Using only Ascendant and Midheaven angles, this system eliminates houses as a factor in chart analysis. Cosmobiology uses the 90— dial and graphic ephemeris as basic tools, and focuses on delineation of midpoint structure patterns.

Graphs include progressed life diagrams and transit graphs with natal positions included. Charts are progressed using solar arc directions. Click any wheel for a full view.

Midpoint Corner | The Uranian Society

Dial 90 This is a degree wheel with two degree dials for cutting out and moving around the wheel. The user is initially shown two transit charts for a location in Australia. It is not clear how to get rid of them, how to create a natal chart, or how to do anything useful. The only way I could find to create a natal chart was to save one of the transit charts then edit it as a natal chart.

Astro-PC Basic version

Next, I changed the default home location in settings. Then, after far too much time and effort, I got a proper natal chart with correct transits. While this program seems to have useful capabilities, the user interface is very poorly done. It appears to have never been tested with real users prior to release. With a complete interface redesign, it might be worthy of 4 stars.

As is, Time Passages Pro is a better choice. Top notch app here that I rely on daily. This professional grade software is for working professional or serious student astrologers, not for a casual user wanting only their own chart. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview.

Midpoint Corner

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Astro Gold is the professional-level astrology iPhone and iPad app that you have been waiting for!

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