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That means you can manifest a new and improved life simply by changing your habitual thinking. Every astrological sign has different needs, which means each statement will have a unique manifestation message.

Feel free to borrow another sign's affirmation, too. If it speaks to you, that zodiac sign is probably prominent in your chart. Write down these power statements and repeat them to counteract feelings of worry, uncertainty, and negativity.

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You'll be surprised and amazed by how much better you feel due to the positive manifestations in your life! You have lots of great energy and good ideas, Aries, but sometimes you leap before you look. You also tend to get sidetracked by competing with others or not being open to their input. Aries Affirmations: "As I channel my abundant energy in constructive ways and think things through carefully, my pioneering efforts succeed.

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Material well-being is important to you. You seek security, sometimes at any cost. As a result, you tend to fall into predictable patterns and not give full expression to your abilities.

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Taurus Affirmation: "As I happily give my talents to the world, I am rewarded with riches on every level. Since you've always got multiple irons in the fire, you have a hard time staying focused and serene. Your mind is so full of thoughts that you often can't hear that still, small voice within.

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Gemini Affirmations: "As I stay focused on one thing at a time and have the patience to finish what I start, I feel empowered and relaxed. Because you are so sensitive, you tend to retreat from the world into a safe, sheltered environment. Unfortunately, being hurt so easily can prevent you from reaching out to new people and experiences. Cancer Affirmations: "As I find safety and protection within myself, the world embraces me with open arms. You're like the Sun, Leo, bringing warmth when you're happy and a chill when you withdraw.

You need to find ways to cultivate your inner joy and share your radiance with the world -- even when feeling insecure or as if others don't appreciate you. Leo Affirmations: "As I beam my joy and love to others, I am warmed and fulfilled by my own radiance. You're good at taking care of the details. You're often annoyed when others do not operate at the same peak efficiency as you or seem disorganized and sloppy.

You may need to promote a change that you do not enjoy but that is part of a difficult process. How do you keep track of what is holding you back? Can you let go without holding on? You must deal with a situation that you get out of your Comfort zone brings, but not easily intimidated. Prepare what you have to say and, if you have to, write it down first to try someone else's reactions. When you feel ready, say what needs to be said. They deserve to be happy. There are some options that result from a single situation and it becomes difficult for you to decide.

You may want to make the choice that gives you the greatest sense of control, but it may not be the way to go. Things that challenge you are often more complicated, but in the end they are well worth the effort. They accepted a situation to to keep the peace. Now you can not continue. You may find that things work by themselves. They manage without ruffling the feathers, and the other party gets along without realizing that they have to compromise. You may be competing for time or resources, but by a twist of fate that results from your perseverance, you get what you ask, and a few more.

Your inner strength benefits you, so hold on tight and do not give up.

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Some advice you from the past received could now come in handy. Was there a person you admired and who helped you in a difficult situation? Is there a teacher who was very wise and who had a strong connection? Maybe you can learn from the mistakes of others to avoid your own.

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You may be in a sort of debate or discussion where things need to be confused, but your contributions are people from one side could move to another. Make sure you use your authority and influence the smartest way by putting all the pages together and then adding up your two cents. Things that you have compromised are coming to a head. This could be an old problem, showing that it is an ugly head one last time.

Handle things with instinct, but find that you will benefit from the situation at the end of the day.