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Natural pearls would cost thousands of Dollars. These cultured-pearls are considered to have little astrological Moon influence, if any, because the main body of the so-called pearl is NOT PEARL, but some pre-formed shell-ball implant. That means it is not a natural complete unit, but just a thin covering of real pearl substance called nacre on the surface of a pre-shaped and pre-sized non-pearl bead NUCLEUS. The oyster, being irritated by the intruder, secretes the pearl substance called nacre to cover the irritant.

This process is repeated for many years, thus producing a real pearl which may or may not be found by man. For a natural pearl to form with a nice round or oval shape, and be free of any flaws, is actually a real-life "miracle. Wearing one Keshi Pearl is said to have the effect of wearing one hundreds of cultured pearls. Some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Pearl. A pearl should be bought on a Monday in the ascending moon cycle.

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Keshi pearls astrology. As a Sagittarian you find making love incredibly pleasant but want variety for that extra spice. But for a partner willing to experiment you provide an expertise that nearly rivals a Scorpio! Wild and wonderful sums up what you want out of sex. So long as your love making is a proposition in terms of attentiveness, this guy or gal may rock your world in whole new ways. Rather, take them outdoors for a long walk or some type of physical activity.

Capricorns are just brooding anyway. But the way the situation is playing out she has everything she needs from you, without having to sleep with you. I am a Taurus woman. I dated a Scorpio on and off for two years. The first time I saw him I felt an overwhelming amount of passion overcome me. We had an instant connection and I felt he was my soul mate.

The physical apspects of our relationship was fantastic.

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If you add up the negative parts of being with a Scorpio and the postive ones the negatives in my opinion outweigh the positives. A woman mentioned earlier that the sex is key in this Scorpio and Taurus relationship. Quite frankly thats really pathetic. Basically if you can withstand a Scorpios mans moodiness and weird silent treatments than great. Its either heaven or hell with a Scorpio and nothing in between. Taurus women and men are best with Virgos and Capricorns. I am now with a Virgo and we plan on getting married.

Virgos are solid and reliable. So ladies the choice is yours but I would not recommend a Scorpio. So you think I should continue to be friends, and see what happens. But should I step it up and act as though were dating or keep it the same? Is that natural for a taurus woman or does she really not want anything more?

Last summer I started to develop romantic feelings towards her and in the fall told her that I was interested in pursuing a relationship with her if she was on the same playing field as myself. Anyways, since last September I have asked her twice more if she would like to date, and she keeps saying no. But the weird thing is that she has never given me an answer as to why not and even now is much more closer with me and does not seem as though SHE wants to end it friendship , she leaves it up to me all the time.

Last week I asked her again and still she said no but was still interested in a friendship. I just want your opinions as to what you think or recommend I do. I always wanted to find a faithful caring and loving friend. And here I met a girl, she is Taurus and she always smile to me when I met her. I think she had pretty good feeling of me. As a scorpio being suspicious, I have analyze her personality and I found out she is a kind of girl that doesnt exist everywhere. For me to picture her she is perfect. I really hope this guide is truth.. I completely underestimated the whole sensitivity thing.

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What taurus girl could possibly want that?? Wow I am glad that I found this site. I found my Scorpio where I was least expecting it at the train museum I volunteer for. When I first met him I did not give him a second thought then he started paying compliments and I started taking notice. The sex is fantastic.

Being opposite does make it a challenge when it comes to doing activities together like cooking as he likes to be in charge. So maybe if he makes one dish and I the other it would work better as he always likes to tell me how to do something. Good luck to all of your relationship and mine has lasted for eight months! I hate my scorpio man for loving him very much.

Omg, after reading all these posts i can only say i sooo agree with everybody. I am a Taurus female and im in love with a Scorpio man. From the first time we met him i have been infatuated with him. We met back in High School when when he was 15, and i just turned 16 were now 24, and have been going through it ever since. Back then i knew i didnt want sex cause then i would be head over heels dumb for this guy and im too strong for that. I just remembered how much i needed him in my life.

Well like everybody says they are not open about their feelings and because of that i had to suck up all my love for him and just move on and focus on school, and getting my life together. Well i met back up with him 2 years ago and we finally had sex, i know everybody says it was bomb but i have to add there isnt a word in the world that could describe the emotions that came out through our lovemaking, ive never ever ever felt such a feeling, i knew it then i couldnt leave him alone i had to have my love my one and true love.

He is my heart my everything and we remain good until i run off again when im angry but i dont know now i might not lmao. The Taurus and Scorpio attraction is so indescribable. So after reading all of the comments i will continue to hold on to our love cause i guess everything will pay off…. I pray cause… Cause i know nobody will ever love him the way i do. I had few GF in past but I never felt this way about anyone. Our first day started out as really different and completly unimaginable from both of our experiences. We meet, ditched our friends, kept hoping from one pub to another great music couple of beers, during that time we both were really into each other holding hands, laughing, actually communication like we knew each other forever.

She told me absolutely everything about her family friends relationships we laughed at those lost failed ones. This is were the scorpion strikes as i read and strangly it is true , I only told her things or incidents that is need to know to keep the conversation going not everything like she did. Day went by we had to meet our friends again, both of us hated it but it had to be done so we bid goodbyes and head our seperate ways. We exchanged no and facebook ID, the next day we chated on facebook for 5 hours, I have never done that ever.

Ans I always made fun of people who wasted time like that. So far it is all good now let me explain or try to explain how i feel when i am not talking to her.

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It is absolutely terrifing, iam constantly thinking of her, and there is no way i will ever let it show to her no matter what happens. Part of me wants her badly part of me is telling me not to go forth and end it before it ends in a mess. And as I have read now in few other sites and forums about the dark side, let me tell you one thing no words can every describe how evil and unregretfull that side can be. It was very painful for me but I resisted and I hanged on for that spark , she only saw me as a brother , and yes it was the typical friendzone.

But now things have changed , we are dating for 3 months and she is greatly in love with me and she tells me that everyday. I ,as a Scorpio sometimes hate my stupid suspicions , that slight jealousy and posessiveness but those are traits that come to surface when you feel somewhat threatened by an external factor. My gosh! I put up with it because he had all this great qualities like strength!

Go be with her!

Top Grade~Cts Lab Certified Keshi Pearl/Moti(for Astrology purpose)

You have more fun with them? I mean come on… that is too much. I was cool with all the other Scorpio qualities like the bad temper and being secretive, but that possessiveness finally ended it. How can people write Taurus and Scorpio share the same type of possessiveness?

If you love me, you are free to go wherever, whenever, talk to whoever you want, miss whoever you want, compliment whoever you want and just be free as your own man. Scorpio men, seriously, lighten up a bit. I have met this gorgeous Scorpio lady and I am having all sorts of difficulties trying to capture her attention.

There is definitely some attraction although this is far from any certainty on her part. It is like a love hate thing which aften becomes unbearable because there is nothing coming back. At times the atmosphere is terrific and days later there is absolutely nothing reflecting back. I was led to believe that there is magnetism with a Taurus man and Scorpio woman but it is such a struggle sometimes. She just cannot loosen up. I feel I might be thrashing a dead horse at times and at other times the atmosphere is filled with hope. I am a scorpio male going with a Taurus female, yes we were both instantly attracted to each other and slept together, it started off so fast and we couldnt get enough of each other, then sometimes she will go quiet and not contact me and I think oh no here we go its over, then she will call me like nothings changed, is it just me or what?

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I suppose I should just let her know how I feel about her and if it ends oh well it wasnt meant to be? Aidaliz I can definitely relate I am a Taurus female. I met a Scorpio guy almost a year ago. When we first met there was an immediate attraction. We always had a good time together.

I was definitely hurt. Over the past months he did the same a couple of times leaving me with no explanation and every time I knew what it was. I do find myself thinking of him often because I do miss him but im obviously better off without him.

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What better way to come closer than to work together to overcome the relationship obsticles you guys face. Just being in their presence is life changing for me. Although the growth that takes place is unbelievable, so is the pain no pain no gain…lol.. He just used me for a booty call we just made out though.

I have never in my life been so captivated and loved by another human being in my life. He is so deep and tender, yet at the same time he can control his emotions. He has taught me so much in regard to love and honesty. He has always been as good as his word. I trust him completely. He is my best friend and has spent so much time giving me the safety net I needed in a relationship. The scorpio man feels things very deeply and sometimes it is extremely hard for them to voice their feelings, even when they do exist intensely. He is the love of my life and our connection grows stronger the more patience I display and longer I stick around through the tough times with him.

I feel so blessed to have him in my life. Then a year later I was looking for an appartment to rent, turns out he was the landlord, this time we exchanged phone numbers, and I found out that he indeed was from a well known notorious family. What bothers me is that he treats me so nice, but still does not show that he wants, a serious relationship on the long run, or he wants to be friends with benefits, or..

Right now, we are just sleeping together no dates yet, I hope soon , but he treats me like a friend not like a random hookup. I have never felt more like a yo-yo in my life. We are in different provinces. Stay away from Scorprio males… sorry guys but you are not to be trusted and frankly my heart deserves better.

Horoscop Mariana Cojocaru Romania Tv Who Best Aries Are Friends

If anyone can shed any light on my scorpio male I would be sooo delighted! We have been dating for a few months, it was a very sexual relationship very quickly and boy … there were definitely fireworks! He is soo deep and thoughtful and I find him soo alluring, but I wonder if I am appearing too keen.

How do you play it cool with a Scorpio man when he is so damn enticing?! We have not met in person and talked 2 times on the phone now. The first time we talked was for hours,lol. It is the strangest thing how he makes me feel just over the phone,lol. From everything you all are saying…I can only imagine the chemistry when we meet and Lord help me if he tries to move quickly,lol. He has already told or warned me of his sexual appetite,lol!!! This is going to be a dangerously exciting…passionate…joyful ride with him, I can tell. He is very intriguing as you all have said about your Scorpio men.

Wish me luck! I am a scorpio male. I am a Taurus female in love with a Scorpio male. Even though I am only 18, I can relate to you ladies a lot. We have been going out for 2 months and its been a love filled relationship. In a way he completes me and he is everything I have asked and prayed for.